N1 Industrial represents the range of shelter and manufacturing services abroad for N1 Capital, thereby opening opportunities for your business in Mexico in the best possible way with our team of professionals.

By utilizing our existing extensive infrastructure & Knowledge in the areas of administration, recruiting, accounting, and fiscal services. We meet all requirements that may arise either in the transition process or in the day-to-day operations as well as future planning and growth.


To offer peace of mind to all our clients to ensure their administrative and transition processes to Mexico are executed efficiently, covering any and all requirements that may arise in the process.


To be an excellent source of reference to companies that seek new opportunities to further expand and grow their horizons across the border. To be part of their growth and to apply our expertise and knowledge in their operation and transition processes.

At N1 we adapt to special requirements

Any company can hire our Shelter services as this is flexible and offer custom solutions to meet your most specific requirements


Pre Move

Prepare Cost analysis

  • Complete Logistics Analysis
  • Assisting and planning for transfer
  • Arrange visits to Operating facilities
  • Complete customs considerations
  • Real Estate procurement
  • Form legal entity

Legal Framework

  • Complete pre move permitting
  • Evaluate harmonized tariff codes classifications of raw materials and finished goods

Health and Safety and Environmental

  • Complete pre move permitting
  • Obtain and maintain necessary operational permits including municipal, state and federal agencies.

Human Resource and Payroll

  • Recruit managerial and technical personnel
  • Source qualified direct labor pool
  • Develop appropriate market based compensation strategies
  • Handle any labor disputes
  • Work with union representatives
  • Prepare and seek approval with the labor board of company HR policies
  • Prepare and distribute weekly payroll
  • Help to manage cultural and other barriers


  • Maintenance of all accounting records in Mexico
  • Prepare annual cost submission reports
  • Provide detailed invoices for approval by your plant manager before billing
  • Monthly and annual tax compliance reporting


  • Coordinate/prepare foreign customs documentation
  • Assist in evaluating marking requirements for your products
  • Minimize duties through sector and other programs
  • Maintain import and export inventory records for regulatory purposes


  • Office facilities
  • Industrial facilities

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